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Scott Gilman: JapanQuest Journeys

Japanese follows.

The business owner’s own guide, the artisan contact at Wasabi Field, the tea tasting by Mr. Brekel Oscar and the tea ceremony by the landlady of Japanese Ryokan are very appealing for a two-night trip from Tokyo, and it is a feasible plan to learn about Japanese green tea and the unique spices of Japan, which are two representative symbols of Japanese culture.

We would like to see Best of the Fuji, the area management company around Mt. Fuji area, which is the best symbol of Japan, as not within the reach of foreign agents to get close to the “individual” or “artisans” in these examples.

・ We invited Scott Gilman of Japan Quest Journeys, who continues the A-List of the magazine Travel + Leisure, to the femme trip, and got the following impressions.

・ The guide by the business owner himself, the contact with artisan at Wasabi Field, the tea tasting by Mr. Brekel Oscar, and the tea ceremony by the landlady are very attractive for a trip of about 2 nights from Tokyo and are a symbol of Japanese culture. It can be evaluated as a feasible plan to know about green tea and spices unique to Japan.

・ In particular, I would like to highly appreciate the proposal of a style in which young foreigners teach Japanese tea (Jacksta position of “activity, novelty, liveliness” and “depth of Japanese culture”) as a special experience.

・ It is out of reach of foreign agents to approach “individuals” like these examples, and I would like to expect the Best of the Fuji, which is the area management around Mt. Fuji, which symbolizes Japan.


・ I would like to expect more simple lectures on the Japanese details (why there is a tokonoma, the origin of the paper shide, etc.).

・ I think that even more wonderful tours can be made by explaining the relationship between Mt. Fuji and trips in various places. If you don’t make Mt. Fuji a stay-type product that is better than looking at it with a helicopter, you will be in time for a Day Trip from Tokyo. It is desirable to explain more about the spiritual relationship between Mt. Fuji and Japan as a relay point for the golden route from Tokyo to Kyoto.

・ It would be good if we could cooperate with a local economy close to small nations (local souvenirs, donations for environmental measures, etc.).

・ Be careful that there are too many dishes

・ It is desirable to have Western food options for breakfast

・ It is better to consider the destinations in the surrounding area, and I want options other than inns.

We received a lot of thought-provoking feedback.