• Shizuoka
  • Fujisan Luxury Tourism Consortium / Best of the Fuji was officially launched in 2019 hotels and ryokans play a central role in collaboration with Shizuoka Bank, one of the banks in this region and City of Fujinomiya under the official project of The Ministry of the Environment. We are happy to announce that we plan to increase our members year by year followed by enhancing our activities to Kanagawa and Yamanashi area as well from 2020.

Hitsuki Club

They offer a spectacular view of a stretch of land that runs from Japan’s most magnificent peak, Mt. Fuji, all the way down to Suruga Bay with guest cottages. Hitsuki means’The Sun and Moon’. What’s wonderful is that they combine various wellness programs by medical doctor’s approval with natural wonders of Mt. Fuji area which help definitely refresh your minds and bodies.