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A trip to admire “Mt. Fuji, which is there now” Fuji, as a daily life | Best of the Fuji/富士山ラグジュアリーツーリズムコンソーシアム

A trip to admire “Mt. Fuji, which is there now” Fuji, as a daily life

It goes without saying that Mt. Fuji is special to Japanese people, but it is not only possible to experience the charm of Mt. Fuji by climbing the highest mountain in Japan and experiencing the harshness.
Follow in the footsteps of the former Japanese who cut out its beauty, cut out the same scenery with your own eyes, and feel its majesty and eternal history. Also, enjoy the unique Gastronomy of this land, experience the traditions and culture, and think about the lives of the people who have lived with Mt. Fuji. These are also the real pleasures of a tour around Mt. Fuji, and you will be able to enjoy Mt. Fuji deeper and from multiple angles.

Do you know a hotel with the concept of “Scenery Museum”? Nippondaira Hotel on the summit of Nihondaira.
With a location that overlooks Mt. Fuji in front of you and the spectacular views of Shimizu Port, Suruga Bay, and Miho no Matsubara, it was selected as the number one tourist destination in Japan.
The biggest attraction of this hotel is the wide open glass window that looks like a painting of Mt. Fuji and the scenery of Shizuoka underneath. In the daytime, you can see the lush gardens and the towering Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay, in the evening you can see the night view of the glittering city, and in the early morning you can see Mt. Fuji illuminated by the picturesque sunrise.

Also, when talking about the place overlooking Mt. Fuji, Miho no Matsubara cannot be excluded.
Miho no Matsubara is a scenic spot where about 30,000 pine trees grow on the coast of about 7 km.
The green of the pine forest, the blue and white waves of Suruga Bay, and the scenery of Mt. Fuji beyond that have fascinated people who travel the Tokaido for a long time.
Miho no Matsubara, in fact, is said to be the most common motif drawn together in the paintings of Mt. Fuji that we see. In 2013, it was registered as a constituent asset of Mt. Fuji World Cultural Heritage.
UNESCO has registered Mt. Fuji as a world cultural heritage from the two perspectives of “the object of worship” and “the source of art”, but of course it became the motif of many ukiyo-e paintings, and this Miho no Matsubara worships Mt. Fuji. It also played a major role in advancing.
Many Miho no Matsubara pine trees are drawn at the foot of Mt. Fuji in the “Mt. Fuji Mandala” created for the purpose of spreading the belief in Mt. Fuji to the private sector. From this point as well, it was shown that Miho no Matsubara was regarded as the “gateway to Mt. Fuji worship,” and it was thought that its influence was great.
The Ipponmatsu, which is said to have been covered with Hagoromo, which appeared in the story of the “Hagoromo Densetsu” transmitted to Miho no Matsubara, also exists in Miho no Matsubara. It is also the sacred body of Miho Shrine, and is a mysterious place where legend and reality are linked.

Image of Miho no Matsubara

How about a trip where you can enjoy traditional culture and food while enjoying the scenery with Mt. Fuji? At Best of the Fuji, you can hear the story of how the hotel chose this landscape as well as its magnificence while looking at the beautiful Mt. Fuji at the Nippondaira Hotel mentioned above. The experience of having a cocktail while enjoying the night view is also a normal experience here. In addition, while visiting sightseeing spots related to Mt. Fuji, such as Kunozan Toshogu and Miho no Matsubara, you can also experience the tuna of Suehiro Sushi, which is reputed to be the best tuna in Japan! There are many famous eel and tempura restaurants, and you can enjoy the gastronomy that Japan is proud of.
We highly recommend the Best of the Fuji project, where you can enjoy the charm of Mt. Fuji.