Save time and money on previews


The biggest advantage of previewing is that you can save time and money for previewing.

I don’t think it will be a big pain if you are from Tokyo to Tokyo, but if you live in Kansai or Okinawa and are looking for a property in Tokyo, or if you are working overseas in Singapore etc., Japan If you come back to Singapore, you have to spend tens of thousands of yen and hours just to make a round trip.

Specializing in Tokyo’s 23 wards and Singapore


Preview agency.com provides preview agency services specializing in Tokyo’s 23 wards and Singapore.

Therefore, it is especially suitable for those who are thinking of expanding into Singapore, moving to Singapore, dual life between Japan and Singapore, and those who will return to Japan after working overseas such as Singapore.

Lifestyle management of wealthy people related to preview agency is also available


For many years, we have been engaged in high net worth business such as high net worth marketing and high net worth consulting.
Especially for wealthy individual customers, we have a track record of providing various lifestyle-related consultations and problem-solving support.

In addition to acting as a preview, we can also handle consultations on emigration and dual life.