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A road to Inspirational Travel
-Tomorrow is another Mt.Fuji-

Legend has it that Bill Gates was inspired by his work with IBM in the age of software. What Gates was all about was that he started developing a platform that is now called the OS. Over time, the platform will become the door to all the application software that runs on it.
-Windows ……………

Mt. Fuji composition group registered as a world cultural heritage in 2013. The “object of worship” and the “source of art” function as the OS. And make the name known to the world.
As a Japanese icon or as a symbol of Shintoism.
As a focal point for all events rooted in Japan.

If Mt. Fuji is dyed red, it’s good luck.
Mt. Fuji continues to be a symbol of Japan as a factor in determining fate.
Diamond Fuji for the Before breakfast experience and Black Fuji for the nighttime, “now there,” like a giant creature.

Even if you stick to the place name, there are mountain peaks called Ise ship and Takafune of Fujinomiya, and it is like a land with Mt. Fuji on the bow of the ship. You can see the Shintoism with the sun drawn on the bow of the ship that remains in the Azerbaijan region. It’s a treasure trove of Japanese mysteries.

Among many artists, Mt. Fuji is probably Ukiyo-e Katsushika Hokusai.
Thirty-six views of Mt. Fuji in Hokusai. Only red Fuji with Mt. Fuji drawn in the center. There you can get a glimpse of the Japanese aesthetic sense that sets it apart from Western symmetry.

The blessings are also applied to wasabi from Izu, herbs and herbs that grow here and there.
Mt. Fuji is a representative of Japanese beauty from foreigners who have lived in Japan for a long time.

Now, let’s go on a regenerative journey that advocates Inspirational Travel for the first time in the world.
Let’s go on an inspirational journey together.

Will you die without this inspiration?